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What is PNG Format?

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PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is the most frequently used bitmap image format on the internet as of today. It was created as an alternative to Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). The GIF file format was widely used in the past but currently, PNG has replaced it. This format is mostly used to store digital photos, web graphics, and images with transparent backgrounds.

The PNG format is mostly used on the web, usually for saving images. It is the most popular bitmap image format that is available on the internet. PNG Format doesn’t have any copyright issues. It comes with some amazing features like having 24bit RGB color palettes and grayscale images. A lossless data compression method is used in PNG images for providing high-standard graphics. 

Features of PNG File Format

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Some of the main features of PNG format are mentioned below: However if you want you can change the PNG file format to JPG format as well by clicking on this link

  1. Not only one color can be transparent, but also a whole degree of transparency, known as capacity, can be controlled
  2. It ropes picture interlacing and produces faster than in GIF format.
  3. Gamma correction is available which allows the tuning of the image’s color brightness as required by particular display manufacturers

How to Open a PNG File?

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You can easily open a PNG file by a large number of free and commercial programs, including many image editors, video editors, and web browsers as well. Windows and MacOS also come with built-in programs that support PNG images, like Microsoft photos and Apple Preview

How to Convert a PNG file?

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A lot of image editors that can open and convert a PNG file can also convert the images of other formats. If you want to convert or open a PNG file in Windows, you can use Paint OR Paint 3D. And if you want to use macOS, then you can use Apple Preview. These programs can convert PNG images to different formats. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of PNG Format


The advantages of PNG format are as follows:

  • It is best for editing pictures because of lossless compression making it simple for storing digital pictures for editing.
  • It chains a large number of colors (it is best for different types of digital images, including graphics and photographs).
  • It provides you with solid colors and sharp edges.
  • It doesn’t lose quality and detail after the compression of the image.


Some major disadvantages of using this file format are:

  • Not good for professional-quality print graphics
  • It comes with a bigger file size. It compresses images at a large file size
  • Most digital cameras use EXIF metadata which PNG Format doesn’t support.
  • It doesn’t support animation, but there are some unofficial extensions available for that

Uses of PNG Format

Some main uses of PNG format are mentioned below:

  • It can be used for charts, logos, blueprints, and architectural plans.
  • It can be used in drawings, comics, and illustrations.
  • It can be used for scanning texts, such as handwritten letters, newspapers, or magazines.
  • Anything that comes only with simple text (like a layout created in Photoshop) can be used by PNG Format. 
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