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7 Free Drawing Apps Your Children Can Use On Android And iOS

by Vanessa Waithera
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Have you been looking for drawing apps that your children can use for free?

Drawing is an important learning skill for students and particularly young learners. It can develop students creative and critical skills and get them engaged in the learning process. As more and more of our kids are taking to mobile devices, it becomes incumbent on us to provide them with some of the educational apps to extend their learning to the mobile sector. Below is a set of some of the best free drawing iOS apps for students to give vent to their imagination.

1- Doddle Buddy
Doodle Buddy Gold is a cool mobile app for iOS users. It allows them to create sketches and doodles using their fingers. They can finger paint with their own selected colours and drop in playful stamps. This app has been designed in such a way to make out of sketching both a fun and learning tool.

2- Draw Free for iPad
Draw Free for iPad is a great mobile app that allows its users to easily sketch and doodle beautiful drawings. This app is very simple and has an intuitive surface. It has a varying degree of difficulty making it thus suitable for both kids and adults. It also offers a set of useful tools such as an unlimited variety of colours, lines, curves, templates and many more

3-Bamboo Paper
Bamboo Paper is a great mobile app that allows its users to sketch whatever they want using their own handwriting on a neat digital paper notebook. The process is very easy and does not require any advanced technical knowledge. It has a stylus that you can use as your pen to create your own virtual notebooks.

4- How to Draw
This is an intuitive drawing app for iOS users. It allows them to easily draw using a set of given instructions. There are also different episodes with varying difficulty that a drawer has to go through.
5- Hand Paint
As its name suggests, this is a free iOS drawing app that allows users to create their own drawing using a wide variety of colourful subjects and artisans tools. It is really fun and kids will definitely enjoy it.

6- Animal Sketch
This free drawing app features  6 awesome sea creatures. Each character is broken down into its simple shapes and is presented in a concise step-by-step guided drawing sequence. It is ideal for young learners.

7- Picturizr
This is much of a cartooning tool than a drawing one. It is basically a face and photo editing tool that lets you create fun shapes out of a given face by using custom overlays. You can add, scale and rotate eyes, ears, noses, eyebrows, hair, mouth, glasses, hats, beards and frames to photos stored on your device.

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