How to solve iOS 14.6 battery draining faster problem


Many individuals running iPhone devices have been grumbling about the iOS 14.6, especially after the last update. One of the issues that iPhone users are facing is the fast loss of battery power. There’s no arrangement from Apple yet concerning this problem, but here is a quick Tip that Techmoran presents to you today

Apple faced less karma with the last update probably, but why? Maybe the reasons now surfacing up all over the internet are the latest update for iOS 14.6. in Addition, iPhone users face a quick loss of battery charge, and their gadgets are now getting hotter when used. The circumstance for Apple is sketchy, yet the US brand has not yet introduced a temporary solution for this problem.

What to do if your iOS 14.6 is having the problem?

In the meantime, clients expect the forthcoming update to iOS 14.7, of which the third beta form has effectively been conveyed. But before we step up to iOS 14.7, how shall we sustain the battery life for iOS 14.6?

Associates from, a Germany based website, currently has hinted at a possible temporary solution for this problem: There is the suspicion that the expanded power utilization is associated with the network operation of the iOS 14.6, not guiltless of this is additionally the application “Where is?”. On the off chance that you currently reset the iPhone’s network settings, this should lead to an unforeseen battery issue. The little burden of the entire activity: However, the tip doesn’t appear to fix the bug, yet typically, progress keeps going a couple of days.

Step by step instructions to reset network settings

However, where would you be able to reset the network settings of the iPhone.Here is all you need to consider?

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone and select General
  • Scrolling down, you will see a Reset text
  • Please fix it and press Network settings

Take Note: If the Network settings are reset, you should first physically choose the association again for every WLAN and enter the WLAN secret phrase

I hope this will fix the problem you are undergoing with your iOS 14.6 device