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Options for Water Damaged Cell Phone Repair In Coquitlam Edited and Improved

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Smartphones can encounter water damage at times and stop functioning completely. Liquid damage is not as common as broken screens or degrading cell phone batteries in Coquitlam. All things considered, fluid mischief to telephones is a difficult thing that can hurt cell phones severely. It is difficult to save your telephone from water harm when you participate in swimming outside in the warmth. Shielding one’s telephone from water is certainly not straightforward work; thus, cell phones experience fluid harm issues. Consequently, cell phone clients must choose between limited options but to visit a solid auto shop for cell fix in Coquitlam. Generally, fluid harm mobile phone issues happen in the mid year since clients disregard insurances to get their gadgets. 

Some Precautions to Follow to Avoid Water Harm in Coquitlam:-

You may like utilizing a pool or visiting a sea shore in the late spring. So: What is the best strategy to save your gadget from water damage? You can purchase a gliding waterproof phone pocket of a respectable brand to turn away the fluid (water) harm issue. Ensure you have your phone in a protected region prior to making a beeline for the sea shore or a pool. Besides, remember that cell phones regularly end working attributable to overheating. Accordingly, you should not overheat your cell phone by utilizing it more than needed to forestall any conceivable harm. Be that as it may, your telephone may in any case endure water harm if the precautionary measures neglect to help you in Coquitlam.

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Restoring a Water Damage Yourself:-

If your cell phone encounters liquid harm, you can pull it out in eight steps. Here are the steps you can follow in handling the water damage:

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Step 1: Once the cell phone drops into water, take it out instantly. The more you wait to remove your smartphone out of the water (liquid), the more liquid can enter inside your smartphone.

Step 2: After you remove your smartphone from the water, turn it off.

Step 3: Then, you need to remove its guarding case.

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Step 4: Remove the battery, SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, and microSD (micro-Secure Digital) if it is possible.

Step 5: Deploy a piece of cloth or a paper towel and dry your phone. Handle your phone with care to avoid pushing water into its subtle parts. You can vacuum around a phone’s cracks/openings if it has submerged completely.

Step 6: Keep your smartphone away from the sunlight. Instead, make the most out of a cool and dry area to place your cell phone.

Step 7: Do not rely on the rice method, it has become old. Instead, invest in silica gel. Use a plastic bag with a zip-top and fill it with your gel and put your device in the container. Make sure you keep the device in your bag (container) sealed for a day at least and 2 days at most.

Step 8: Bring your phone out as soon as it is dried. Turn the device on. It may start working, or you may need to charge the phone before you start to use it. Watch out for your smartphone functions for a week to ensure you have recovered the device. If your device faults, you should not waste any time availing of cell phone repair in Coquitlam.

What about the Manufacturer’s Warranty If you Let Your Smartphone Fall in a Liquid?

More often than not, dropping one’s smartphone in water nullifies the manufacturer’s warranty. Then again, some smartphones come with indicators and alter colours when wet to warn their users about the liquid harm. So, firstly, you can try restoring your liquid-damaged (water-harmed) phone yourself by following our guidelines. Next, you can benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty for repair/replacements if the warranty is valid. Finally, if the preceding steps go against you, you can visit a nearby repair shop to fix your device.

How to Identify a Water Damage Problem in Coquitlam with a Cell Phone?

Different signs can give you hints if your smartphone encounters water harm, mentioned below:

1. The formation of water vapours behind the screen.

2. Visibility of corrosion marks at the ports.

3. LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) of your smartphone turning red or maroon.

If you notice one or all of the above signs in your smartphone in Coquitlam, it means it has encountered a liquid damage issue.

Do You Know The Right Way to Remove Water from Smartphone’s Charging Port?

If you do not know it, you can take the water out easily following our instructions in Coquitlam:

1. Switch your cell phone off and remove its cover. Remove your smartphone battery if it is removable.

2. Rub your phone using a dry and absorbent towel. You can blow away the excessive water blowing on the ports cautiously.

3. Dry your open phone ports facing downwards to make sure they are liquid-free.


At higher temperatures, cell phone users often encounter water damage issues with their smartphones. Water harm problem is very common in the summer because people usually keep their phones when spending time outdoors swimming. If you want to save your cell phone from water/liquid damage, you can purchase a floating waterproof phone pouch. However, water damage problems may still occur despite the precautions. You can try restoring the water damage issue yourself by following our guidelines. In addition, you may benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty to repair or replace your device if the warranty is valid. Lastly, opt for cell phone repair in Coquitlam if fixing the smartphone yourself or the manufacture’s warranty is not in your favour.

Cell Fixx ( is a repair shop serving Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Prince George, & Richmond regions that repair cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

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