Raila’s Son Reacts After Being Denied Twitter Verification Badge


Raila’s son reacts after being denied twitter verification badge.

What exactly is the process of getting a Twitter verification badge? we all know you need to be someone important to get a verification badge on Twitter but apparently, it doesn’t stop at how important you are but there are other things that contribute to it.

Raila Junior did not qualify to get the verification badge which he revealed on Saturday after also contributing to an ongoing conversation where Kenyans were shocked that they had been registered in political parties. Raila’s son also checked to see which party he was registered in and to his shock he found out he was registered as a member of the Amani National Congress (ANC)party.

He posted Twitter’s verification badge email.

Was it really a good idea to share Twitter’s rejection? probably not with the Kenyan audience because shortly after that Kenyans decided to rain on his parade on Twitter mocking him in comparison to his father. Here were some tweets.

1.At first he asked who decides who gets verified in Kenya.

2. He was also told to look for a handshake just like his father.

3. Hitting below the belt.

Raila’s son is quite active on Twitter and popular as well, because of his tweet he received over 200 comments on his post and who knows? maybe this will give him the much needed recognition he wants to get from Twitter.

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