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iPhone 13 a flop? Apple must not make this one mistake

by Joseph Richard
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Apple can put so many features into its new iPhone. If the manufacturer christens the device “iPhone 13”, it should become the storekeeper. If it is up to the majority of users, then Apple calls its next smartphone better differently. You also have a proposal straight away.

This is a clear result: Almost 75 percent want Apple to ensure that the next top smartphone from Cupertino is not called “iPhone 13”. This is the result of a survey by SellCell. The US company surveyed more than 3000 people.

While some can’t get that much out of the name, one in five cites the fear of the number 13 (triskaidekaphobia) as the reason. It would therefore put off an iPhone 13. The disaster around Apollo 13 seems to be well remembered by many Americans.

Users have their favorite

But what could the new Apple smartphone be called instead? Instead of iPhone 13, respondents have a clear favorite – and other alternatives:

  • iPhone (2021) – 38 percent
  • iPhone 21 – 16 percent
  • iPhone 12S – 13 percent
  • iPhone 14 – 7 percent

The fact that the iPhone (2021) is the most popular choice is a little surprising, but the idea is quite familiar to us. After all, with MacBooks and iPads, Apple works according to the same scheme and not with model numbers.

iPhone 12S instead of iPhone 13?

For Apple itself, however, the most realistic alternative to the iPhone 13 seems to be the comeback of the S series. Compared to the current iPhone 12, the new Apple smartphone is probably only a minor upgrade and could therefore be marketed by Apple “only” as an iPhone 12S, but not as a completely new generation. This is how the manufacturer has handled it, among other things, with the iPhone 6. According to TrendForce, the iPhone 12S is currently a hot candidate; and Apple would postpone the 13-year problem by a year.

While we’re on the subject of comebacks: Apple is reportedly bringing back a unique color option that was last available on the iPhone 5c. If the rumors are true, then with the iPhone 13/iPhone 12S, relatively little innovation awaits us, but many styles because there should also be a red, a bronze, and a matt black model.

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