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Data Reveals That Kenya Has The Highest Percentage Of Monthly WhatsApp Users

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Data has revealed that Kenya has the highest percentage of monthly WhatsApp users.

How much time do you spend on WhatsApp? when was the last time you actually sent a normal text? We’re guessing you only text your parents since they might not be on the social platform. According to the Global Web Index’s 2020 Social Media User Trends Report, a whopping 97% of internet users in Kenya use WhatsApp every month.

This is why Ajua will be partnering with Facebook to help automate commercial interactions and customer support for businesses in Africa through WhatsApp. There are more Kenyans who now run their companies online which now creates the need for social-media-based customer support to drive a holistic shopping experience.

What does Ajua do?

The whole point of Ajua is to create an online seamless process that automates customer support, borderless banking and payments across apps and social media platforms. With such a platform shopping online is not only made easier but also faster.

Speaking on the impact of the partnership to businesses in Africa,Teddy Ogallo, VP of Product, Merchant services for Ajua said:

“Ajua aims to implement a combination of its proven Ajua 360 platform, Ajua Merchant and the award-winning Janja solution to give businesses across Africa an accessible set of tools that will help them increase their market reach, receive secure payments on mass reach platforms like WhatsApp and automate customer issue resolution and feedback collection. Businesses across Ajua’s African markets will now be able to access WhatsApp business API in minutes, upload their products, a knowledgebase of their services and start enjoying an enhanced interaction with their customers straight from their mobile phones or web devices without having to invest in cumbersome integrations or enterprise sales cycles.”

How will it help?

While many businesses are transitioning to the e-commerce workspace a lot of the businesses end up struggling because of the lack of support. This partnership will be essential for Micro-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises which lead to better conversions. The fact that Africans, in general, seem to have moved their businesses to WhatsApp means that there’s something that’s working positively in their favour. Currently, Nigeria already has grown from 33 million active social media users to over 90 million users as of January 2021.

As several SMEs continue to look for ways to acquire more customers, many are beginning to realize that exceeding customer expectations is key to standing out above their competitors and improving customer retention. 

Peris,  Director, Aloe Barber & Spa.

“The Salon business is highly relational. People tend to visit the same barber all the time so we have to work hard to maintain our customers. We try to be unique to keep our customers coming back.” Shared Peris,  Director, Aloe Barber & Spa.

Ajua continues to stay committed to listen to our customers and improve the solutions that we have to ensure we can serve Africa and the globe as we chart new territories in the technology world. 

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