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TikTok launches its own Stories – videos that are deleted after 24 hours

Sharing short videos has become an absolute hit among the youngest users. TikTok is a social phenomenon that has popularized this format all over the world. Currently, the app continues to show record revenues and downloads on leading mobile platforms.

If you use TikTok, you’re probably familiar with all the entertainment features that the popular game offers. Developers at ByteDance are already working on an interesting improvement that they’ve been inspired by competing features on Instagram and Snapchat. It looks like we’ll be getting access to TikTok Stories soon.

As the name suggests, the app will allow you to upload stories to your profiles, automatically deleted after 24 hours. Other users will be able to respond and comment on the TikTok Stories of the authors they follow.

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Just like on Instagram, clicking on your profile photo will upload all the content to TikTok Stories. A spokesperson for the mobile app confirmed that they are experimenting with the new feature. The company defines TikTok Stories as a completely new (for TikTok itself) way for users to interact with their fans.

To create a profile history, click the “Create” button, which will be added to the sidebar in the application interface. With the new feature, you can add music and text to create innovative and entertaining videos. At this stage, TikTok Stories is still running in test mode, but many users already have access.

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