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NCBA has partnered with MySafe Vaults to provide customers with additional safety deposit facilities.

NCBA has announced a partnership with MySafe Vaults, a safe deposit service provider, to provide customers in Nairobi with alternative safe deposit facilities.

Customers having limited access to or a lack of safety deposit facilities at their bank will be recommended an alternate solution under the new partnership.

Sarit Centre and Village Market will be the first two locations in Kenya where MySafe Vaults will rent out automatic and semi-automated insured safe deposit boxes.

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“This is a huge milestone for us in the banking sector,” says Tirus Mwithiga, Group Retail Banking Director, NCBA Group. We will now be able to assist our customers in safely storing their possessions.

We’ve had similar requests in the past, so the collaboration is timely. Customers will be able to safely store items such as jewelry, art, and other valuables in a private and highly secure vault through our partner.”

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Terry Downes, CEO of My safe Global Vaults, stated that MySafe employs advanced safe robotics and premium integrated security features at several locations throughout the UAE and Kenya. To access one’s box, MySafe Vaults use safe robots and a fully integrated privacy pod. In less than 10 seconds, clients use a proximity swipe card, a 4-digit Pin Code, a biometric vein verification scanner, and a personal Key to its registered owner.

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