Xiaomi 100 Watts wireless charger  without cable Reaches Immense speeds


The latest wireless charger from Xiaomi charges smartphones with up to 100 watts – even if the technology giant from China does not yet offer a device that can exploit this speed, for example, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 can be fully charged in a short time.

Xiaomi has started selling a new wireless charger in China for 599 yuan (about Ksh 10,118 ) that can charge smartphones with a maximum of 20 volts at six amps or with a remarkable 100 watts. The matching 120 Watt power supply is included. The unusual design is not entirely new. Instead, it is an evolution of Xiaomi’s 80-watt charger.

Large ventilation openings on the underside are designed to effectively dissipate the heat that inevitably arises with such fast wireless chargers. To achieve this as effectively as possible, Xiaomi installs an active fan, but this should be comparatively large and, therefore, quiet. Who has the charger standing next to the bed can reduce the speed to minimize the fan noise.

Xiaomi does not yet offer a smartphone that can be charged wirelessly so quickly-even the brand new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 can be assigned “only” with 67 watts. According to the manufacturer, a complete charging process from 0 to 100 percent takes so 28 minutes. The larger battery of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra takes 39 minutes. At the same time, the regular Xiaomi Mi 11 can be charged “only” with 50 watts, so it takes 53 minutes for the 4,500 mAh battery to be fully charged.

Xiaomi emphasizes that the charger is compatible with all smartphones on the market that support the widespread Qi standard. Still, to benefit from the high performance, a modern Xiaomi smartphone is likely to be required.