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The Google Pixel 6 revealed in all angles in an online advertisement

by Joseph Richard
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The first renditions of the Google Pixel 6 smartphones are now in Public. Through a video of about thirty seconds, eye-catching details about this smartphone can be seen.

Through an ad whose main objective is to establish a connection between the buyer and the smartphone, Mountain view firm wants to show a new impetus in this smartphone, which has attracted large sales so far. This new model has been fabricated with a unique design so that an in-house chip is utilized here and, of course, android 12 if they should be dispatched before the year ends as no one knows the exact date of release but Google alone.

The online advertisement was made for the Pixel 6 Only

The Mountain View firm is winding up its activities in preparation for its next high-end smartphone. While Google has already indirectly given us some hints about its new cell phone, its characteristics for the  Panels, its homemade Chip(Tensor), and now a new Online campaign from the video.

With the slogan ” For All You Are, “which can be translated as ” for all you are, “Google tends to present the Pixel 6 as a continuity of its possessor. The video shows one of the new features proposed in Android 12, a tool to adjust the volume of sound with a simple slide. According to the firm’s campaign, a function that illustrates one of the innovations developed by Googe for its OS brought to make phones ” not only innovative. “

Furthermore, it is the design of the Pixel 6 that catches our attention. Through the ad, we can see the color of the smartphone, two orange colors, and the Characteristic black band accessible in four different dresses liable on the chosen version. The Photo part that Google is intenetding to invest in would allow their smartphone to see you” for all you are. “

Three pillars ought to permit this cell phone, as per Google, to turn into your double. As indicated by the decoding of 9to5Google, the first is the reality of learning. The firm has attempted to foster its first chip implanted an artificial intelligence algorithm. The second is the reality of advancing because of the new form of Android, the twelfth of the name. At last, the third is identified with the customization as per your taste, precisely because of the range of colors proposed.

Without giving yet an exact delivery date, or even a month specifically, Google shuts this notice by reporting that the Pixel 6 will show up available before the year ends.

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