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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: What if your expectations were cut down?

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Samsung is Preparing to annoy you, if you had high expectations that the
Galaxy S22 ultra would be its major Comeback, specifically for the Camera
department. The South Korean manufacturer will just leave everything as it was.
It is not only for the S22 ultra but the manufacturer is also bidding farewell
in other Models.

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As per information from different South Korean online media, Samsung has
already officialized the specifications of the S22 series, according to The
Elec. Come November the mass production of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and
Galaxy S22 Ultra would be initiated. Thus come January next year the first
market launch will be announced.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra  to use 108 MP camera module

No major changes will be seen in the upcoming top models of the mentioned
smartphones previously specifically for the Camera. Owners of the Galaxy S22
ultra will have to learn how to cope up without the new 200MP camera sensor
from Samsung which was recently made public. However, the most high-end smartphone from the manufacturer
will utilize a 108MP sensor just like its smaller sibling the S21 ultra. Oh by
the way there are rumors about the 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. But in
general, the S22 ultra will use a quad-camera setup whereby the ultra-wide-angle
and the main angle camera will be enhanced with optical image stabilization
(OIS). The front camera part will use  40Mp

What should we expect from the  Galaxy Note series?

The chances of the S pen coming is about 99.9%. This should be a testimony
that the manufacturer is putting the Note series on the other end of the line
and is not planning to renew them for the coming year. Recently we came to
learn that Samsung has not renewed its trademarks rights for the series of
smartphones. The future of the Galaxy note series is not bright

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