How to Do the Luna’s Howl Quest in World of War craft

Luna's Howl

Learning about war crafts and maple story:

The second half of the third chapter in Act II of Guild Wars: Eye of the Lich King brings a new challenge to those who love to play World of War craft’s Maple Story. The third chapter, titled “Luna’s Howl“, takes place in Northern. The quest involves going through Ice crown and other dungeons as well as raids before reaching the goal location. It also has several objectives that must be completed in order to progress to the next phase. The actual steps in completing these objectives will help players learn about the different stages in leveling in World of War craft: Maple Story.

Before jumping to competitive and advancing through milestones, players need to first ensure that they have the right quest on their inventory. To get the Luna’s Howl quest, gamers should speak with Lord Shaxx inside the tower and accept the” Remembrance” quest from him. They can then proceed to the next phase of the game, which involves going through Ice crown and other dungeons. Progress through the game without this quest is non-functional, at least not within the confines of the game. In the second half of the chapter, they finally reach the goal area where they are faced with a tough fight against the undead army led by Lady Liadrin. At this point, they are required to use the Hand Cannons they possess to kill Lady Liadrin.

Best weapon to defeat:

With the powerful Ladybug’s Sting, they manage to kill the insectoid dragon and progress to the next phase. After this, the group encounters the final boss named Grand Widow Maker who has magical powers and uses a deadly sword to kill the adventurers. Although they easily killed her with minimal losses, they still realize that they are not equipped to face the final opponent which is the Lich King. It was then that they received the news that the best weapon to defeat the Lich King is the Hand Cannon.

Uses of rumble matches:

In order to obtain the powerful Hand Cannons, the group must defeat the elite soldiers of the Alliance. During the course of the quest, they learn more about Ladybug’s past as well as the reasons why she betrayed the Alliance. They also learn that the Hand Cannons they obtained could only be used during battle and that only one person possesses them at any given time. Players can use the cannon to attack any enemy soldier or even the Lich King himself. Furthermore, using the rumble matches to replenish their forces is possible.

In order to earn the top prize, they must accomplish a number of quests that will lead them to Ladybug’s hidden destiny. Ladybug’s loyalty to the Alliance is what made her fall in love with Lora. Without her help, Lora would have surely followed the path of the Lich King instead of getting to the Frozen Throne herself. This quest can be completed in any order but players must complete 3 rumble matches before they get the top prize. Once you do, the Sky Pirate rewards will appear.

There are actually two types of rewards you can get to complete the quest steps. There are rewards for each step of the quests. The first one is the most common one wherein you get the Sky Pirate Banner. The second one is the rarer and valuable reward wherein you get the Sky Pirate Chest. They contain higher quality items such as the Golden Coin and the Sunwell Chestplate.

Sky pirate banner:

The Sky Pirate Banner is actually the item you get after finishing all the ten challenge steps in howl of Luna. The Sunwell Chestplate is also obtained upon finishing all the ten challenge steps of the howl of Luna. The only thing left after doing all these is the final challenge step which is to defeat the bosses of the seven dungeons of WoW: Stormwind, Northrend, Ashenvale, Undercity, Gnomereald, and Azjol-Nerub. These bosses are named Archimonde, Highlord Flashback, Archimold, Grand Widow Faerie Fireheart, and Mageweaver. And so, if you really want the maximum benefits out of the howl of Luna complete all the challenge steps of the Moonkin Howl and claim your rewards!

Mostly uses weapons:

Lastly, the two weapons you need in order to defeat the enemies are the Sunwell Mace and the Moonkin Stave. The Sunwell Mace works best when you use it to attack faster, makes use of its cleaves, and when you get into a fight close to some fellow players, use your pet to distract the ranged attacker. Use the stave on magical monsters and beasts as well. And of course, don’t forget to use your Sunwell Blade along with all the other skills you have learned from the Moonkin Guide!