Spotify Announced Today A New Enhance Feature For Playlists But Exclusively For Premium Users


Spotify gives its users a lot of freedom.

In addition to the playlists that are displayed, they can create their own playlists, with the songs they want to listen, organized. Now, and to improve these playlists, even more, Spotify has something to come. It’s called Enhance and will give the user the songs that were missing for the lists to be even better and richer.

Spotify’s algorithms have a high degree of user knowledge. The more they use the streaming service, the more Spotify knows them and knows what they like to hear, thus improving what is proposed.

This scenario is used in several aspects of Spotify, with results always very positive and getting it right most of the time.

The proof is in the automatic playlists it creates and offers users a starting point for their auditions. With all this knowledge on its side, Spotify has now decided to create an important new feature for those who use the service. It’s called Enhance and it will be very useful for those who want to make their playlists richer and more complete.

This new button, and the associated algorithm, will evaluate the distribution lists and propose to users new songs that may appear there. This will not remove any entries, it is just to complement the existing ones.

This will be a feature that will only be available to Premium users and will start arriving soon.

For now, there are only 10 countries that will receive it. Spotify’s promise is that Enhance arrives in the coming days and that it will be accessible to Premium users. It is certainly an excellent option for those who want to put the algorithm of this service at their service, in order to create the best playlists.