Motorola brags about charging their smartphones in the air


The latest charging technology running on many high-end smartphones at the moment is wireless charging. However, Motorola has taken another step by announcing its first-ever technology that permits smartphones to charge wirelessly at a three-meter distance. But that is not the only thing that Motorola is investing its energy On at the moment. We will tell you everything

If you have been following most of our smartphone articles, it will be fair to assume that we both know what wireless charging is. The smartphone must rest on a compatible charging pad for loading to be possible. But for Motorola, this process is not necessary.

Anyway, there is no magic there, but through a video from youtube, we can see a couple of Motorola phones charging simultaneously without the charging Pads. The energy travels through the air to the smartphones placed at a distance of three meters. The firm has renamed this new technology space charging.

The video below shows the magic:

The company has also stated that for this charging over the “air” to be possible, energy is transmitted to the cell phones via 100 degrees from a charging station fitted with 1600 antennas. However, charging will switch off automatically in case a human body is detected to dismiss security uncertainties.

Currently, there is no clarification on the figures about the Max load speed. However, thanks to an insider, it should match about 5w, which is not fast but should we say it is okay if it supports more than a capacity of 4,000mAh. The slow charging speed wouldn’t be of any effect since Motorola’s wireless charging tech would allow a smartphone to charge for 24hrs  without human interference.

Motorola hasn’t commented on when it is planning to make this technology public. Still, it will not be good on their part if they hold it for a long time since Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone maker, is in the plans of making the same technology, but for them, it is called “Mi Air charge”. Motorola is still on the lead since up to now, Xiaomi has not succeeded in charging a couple of smartphones at the same time.