Samsung – 65″ Class – LED – nu8000 Series – 2160p – Smart – 4K UHD TV With HDR


The Samsung NU8000 LED TV is multipurpose and 4k resolution TV. It supports HDR and has good picture quality. The TV has great motion handling. It can follow fast-moving objects with a very short trail, and it can flicker to blur. Smart features are easy to use and work well. Bixby voice control software is available with the TV. The TV’s image quality is affected by viewing it from an angle. Vertical blooming can be seen even in dark rooms. How can Samsung sell its lower-priced TVs because not everyone can afford Samsung’s QLED TVs? This article focuses on NU8000.

Design and Features:

The NU8000’s design is very similar to that of the Q range, even though it is much more affordable. The NU8000 also features slim bezels with a nice bar stand. We compared it to the Q7’s elegant design. Although the display doesn’t extend to the edges, there are only a few millimeters worth of black bezel. The curved back looks great, and it’s similar to the curved back of the iMac.

It creates the illusion that all sides are the same thickness, creating the illusion that the whole TV is one. It’s not as easy to mount on the wall as the QLED models, which have their One Connect box. It connects to your TV with a single, thin cable. The supplied stand should be used, especially if all inputs are to be used. As with all Samsung TVs, you get two remote controls. Strangely, there are two remote controls.

One is the traditional one that has almost infinite buttons, and the other is more minimalist and can control multiple devices. The One Remote also includes a microphone and voice command capability. Both work well so you can choose which one you prefer depending on your current task or if the other is temporarily unavailable. The first time you turn on the NU8000, the Smart Things application prompts you for a download. This is Samsung’s single-stop shop to control all its devices. Although you can do it, it’s not necessary and will be useful later on, we found it simpler to just follow the instructions.

Once you are up and running, Tizen looks fantastic and is easy to use. You can quickly access apps and content with the Universal Guide. Thanks to the quad-core processor, everything runs smoothly.

You also get the TV Plus guide and a bunch of third-party apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Only a handful of these apps, like YouTube and Netflix, can stream in 4K. It is cheaper than the Q-range and may not have all the features such as the always on, low power mode. Bixby voice search is available, so you can find content quickly and not have to type each letter one at a time. There are four HDMI 2.0b inputs. All of them support HDR and automatically recognize each device. They also provide the appropriate icon.


Like the Q7, the NU8000 LED TV uses edge lighting. Backlighting is only available for high-end models Q9 and Q8. The LEDs are located at the bottom of the unit, so there won’t be any leakage. Although the image quality isn’t as great as QLED models, it still delivers a stunning picture. The Ultra HD resolution and HDR support are still available. This LCD panel’s image has great detail and contrast. You’ll be stunned at the clarity of every scene in Planet Earth II that has snow. 

Samsung SmartThings:

One of Samsung’s key selling points is the ease of use for its 2018 TVs. You can download the Samsung SmartThings App and be up and running in no matter how long it takes. Although this is true in most cases, it does require you to create a login for Samsung SmartThings and remember an old password. It may save you time, but it all depends on how fast you can sign up or remember your password. Any delay will mean that Samsung’s improved setup will take longer.

Once you pass the login screen, however, you will be able to enjoy a phenomenally fast and robust interface. Navigating Tizen’s many nooks and corners feels like a treasure hunt. You never know what you’ll find. Samsung’s TV Plus mode allows you to experiment with streaming channels. You can browse the app store and use the universal guide to set up a Samsung SmartThings smart home device. You can also use the gallery mode and a slower but still acceptable web browser.


The NU8000 is a flatpanel TV with 40-watt speakers. This is not true. The screen shakes from the bass, high volume sounds crackle and pop, and mids and highs seem confined. These are just some of the problems. Because we were worried that we were hearing something else, we invited our friends to test the TV.

They reported hearing crackling and rattling at 50% volume, which was something they couldn’t ignore. Sound Optimization is a mode that analyzes the audio content on screen and EQs it. Movies with explosive sound will see their mids and dialogue emphasized on TV. Although this software will not solve the TV’s audio problems, it is a first step towards a solution.

Final Thoughts:

Smart browsing is possible with this Samsung 55-inch smart TV. Bixby Voice technology lets you browse streaming options using your voice. Motion Rate 240 allows for fast-paced scenes to be enjoyed with clear clarity. The Samsung smart TV uses HDR Plus and Supreme UHD Dimming to create a vibrant 4K display with perfectly tuned lighting. We have the solution for you if you are looking for a smart TV to fit your needs in your home or office, but don’t want to spend too much. RTB Shopper’s rent-to-own program takes the hassle out of buying electronics. It is simple.