Socialbakers Vs Agorapulse: Which one is best for you?


With the surge in usage of social media platforms, there has been a significant growth of social media management and marketing tools. Not only do these tools help in increasing engagement but also reduce the user’s time and effort. 

Socialbakers and Agorapulse are the two topmost social media management tools ruling the digital market. Each of these tools offers unique features to grow popularity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They offer a variety of tools to automate your post scheduling and publishing. This makes it difficult to choose the best option for your business. 

Our aim with this blog is to provide a complete comparison of Socialbakers and Agorapulse. This will help you ease your confusion and pick the right social media management tool for your business. So, let’s get started!



Socialbakers was first launched in 2009 under the name Candytech. It was the first marketing service to recognize the importance of building a strong social media presence. Based on this concept, it created a platform to analyze data primarily for Facebook to help brands increase engagement and get popular on Facebook. 

Apart from its leading data analytic tool, Socialbakers also offer social media management services. These help with content curation, post scheduling, and audience engagement. Keeping up with the advancements in social media tools, Socialbaker successfully launched its Influencer marketing tools to help influencers capitalize on the new trends and create quality content. 


Agorapulse is another social media management program that offers several tools to increase Facebook engagement and get instagram followers. It is well known for its user-friendly interface and well-thought-out help tutorials, documents, and learning certifications. 

Besides this, it offers a plenitude of tools such as content calendar, post scheduling and publishing, team management, and tools for increasing audience interaction. Like Socialbakers, Agorapulse also has a powerful data analytics tool that provides deep insights into each channel’s performance, engagement rate, and audience demographics. 

Key Features of Socialbakers and Agorapulse 


Like any social media management service, Socialbakers offer premium tools for content curation and post scheduling. However, one of the primary features of Socialbakers is its ‘Marketing Persona Mapping’. It is a time-tested technique that analyzes the demographic and psychographic information of your audience. This way, you get to know where your customers are based. It is an excellent tool for local businesses. 

Along with this, Socialbaker’s AI engine collects a lot of data about your engaged audience. The monthly review automatically removes the inactive followers to keep the data relevant. It helps to grow your target audience who will be more interested in your content. You can even buy quality instagram followers for your profile. 

For creating content and marketing campaigns, the AI engine of Socialbakers uses these persona maps to find influencers in your niche. It further analysis the data of the top influencers in your industry and recommends relevant keywords and captions that you can use to increase engagement. 

Apart from persona mapping, Socialbakers also offer data analytic tools to monitor and compare your profile with your competitors. This provides deep insights on the weak and strong points which you can improve to gain more popularity. 


As mentioned earlier, Agorapulse is well known for its user-friendly interface. But the best feature of Agorapulse is its Inbox. Here, you can view your comments, messages, post mentions, and reviews for all social media networks. Through this inbox, you can interact with your audience by replying manually or assigning team members to take care of it. 

The Social Listening tool allows businesses to keep up with any post mentions of the brand on all social media profiles. You can also create new searches for any phrase, word, location, username, or hashtag to monitor the growth. 

Besides this, Agorapulse also offers a wide range of publishing tools. It provides a well-organized content calendar where you can sort and schedule posts for each profile. Thus maintaining consistency and efficiency. The bulk publishing feature can import a series of posts from a CSV file, RSS feed, or group of pictures and transform them into social media posts. 

Another unique feature of Agorapulse is that it allows you to study the current and past activities of your fans and followers. The data analytics tool provides deep insights into the growth of your audience, performance rate, and community management.

Additionally, Agorapulse is compatible with mobile apps and also has a Chrome extension to allow easy accessibility. 

Pricing Plans


Socialbakers offer four subscription plans to suit your needs. However, influencer marketing tools are only available in advanced service plans. These plans include – 

  • Essential plan at $240 per month provides social media marketing and management tools such as content management, post scheduling, and data analytics. This pack allows 5 user accounts and 10 social profiles with mobile app compatibility. 
  • Smart plan (priced on request) – It connects 20 users and 30 social media profiles. The added features in this plan include community management, custom dashboard, and sentiment analysis. 
  • Scale plan (priced on request) – This pack includes everything in the Smart Plan with access to 100 social media profiles. Additionally, you also get cloud storage integration, marketing persona mapping, automated content labeling, and influencer marketing tools. 
  • Integrated plan (priced on request) – It is best suited for large corporations with more than 100 social media profiles. It offers all the features along with access to a holistic 360 view of your digital marketing. 


Agorapulse offers a 30-day free trial plan for a single user. You can connect 3 social media profiles with the free plan and schedule 40 posts per month. Other features include 100 inbox items (excluding Twitter), one-month data reporting, and social CRM tools. 

Apart from this, Agorapulse offers 3 monthly subscriptions. These include – 

  • Pro plan at $99 per month can be accessed by 2 users for 10 social media profiles. This plan includes unlimited post publishing, bulk scheduling, social CRM, and listening tools. Additionally, you also get 6 months of reporting with one competitor analysis, unlimited report exports, and 300 active ads to monitor ad comments for each profile. 
  • The premium plan starts at $199 per month – This offers access to 4 users, 25 social profiles with 2 shared calendars, bulk scheduling, unlimited publishing, social CRM, and listening tools. Besides this, it provides 12 months of reporting with unlimited report exports, 3 competitors, and analysis. 600 active ads are allowed for monitoring ad comments per profile along with automated inbox assistant, team, and workflow reports. You also receive free access to the social media manager school. 
  • Enterprise plan (priced on request) – this includes double the amount of all services offered in the premium plan along with quarterly business review and a dedicated account manager. 

Conclusion – Which one is best for you?

The above comparison between Socialbakers and Agorapulse shows that both tools can virtually perform every task that you would want in a social media management program. This makes it even more challenging to choose the best option. However, according to our analysis, we would recommend Agorapulse over Socialbakers. 

The first reason being its user-friendly interface, easy accessibility, and mobile compatibility which will provide everything you need on the go. Second, it is more economical and offers plenty of social media management tools for each subscription plan. It also offers a 30-day free trial plan which is a major drawback for Socialbakers. 

Lastly, Agorapulse offers a multitude of tools that help in content creation, post scheduling, and publishing. Although, it lacks the premium ‘Marketing Persona Mapping’ offered by Socialbakers. However, the data analytics tool is more than enough to get relevant information on all metrics.