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Tesla edged out by Lucid Air which offers 520 mile range per charge

by Dennis Mathu
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Tesla has long enjoyed the reign of long range per full battery charge with its Model S Long Range offering 405 miles. However, the newly announced Lucid Air Dream Edition Range reaches upto 520 miles. Things could change after the new Model S Plaid range is revealed, the car is still undergoing ratings by the EPA.

For now the new long range king comes at a premium compared to the Model S. At $169,000, the Dream Edition Range packs 933hp and a top speed of 168 mph.

The 520 miles range is achieved by equipping the Lucid Air with the standard 19 inch wheels, however, opting for the 21 inches reduces the range to 481 miles which is still way above Tesla’s offering. Other factors were put in place to achieve this extraordinary range, according to Lucid, they built efficient parts in house including the motors, transmission, and inverter as well as the 900-volt architecture . Additionally, the car has a very low drag coefficient of 0.21, and a big 113-kilowatt-hour battery in the Dream Edition Range version.

If it’s power you are looking for, Lucid Air has the Dream Edition Performance variant that has a whopping 1,111 hp. The range of this variant is still industry leading, with 471 miles when fitted with the 19 inch wheels.

There is also a Lucid Air Grand Touring version which offers 800hp and 516 miles range in the same 19 inch wheels.

The company has an affordable version too, this base model understandably comes with lower specs, that is, 480hp but the range still goes past the 400 mile mark.

Below is a summary of all the versions

The price, horse power and range

Lucid Air – $77,400 – 480 hp – TBA
Lucid Air Touring – $95,000 – 620 hp TBA
Lucid Air Grand Touring – $139,000 – 800 hp – 516 miles
Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance – $169,000 – 1,111 hp – 471 miles
Lucid Air Dream Edition Range – $169,000 – 933 hp – 520 miles

All versions will be available for purchase and delivery this year.

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