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Google Pixel 6 Pro: It could be recharged at 33 W

by Joseph Richard
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While other manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple are way ahead of the Game in equipping their smartphones with fast charging technologies, Google has no idea about this. However, as per XDA developers, Google may break its protocol with the expected Pixel 6 Pro smartphones.

Through a coalition between Google and Taiwanese regulators, the Pixel 6 Pro would be enhanced with 33 Watt charger, unlike its traditional 18Watt.

Fast charging but charger in the box

A few months back, an insider had already given us some information concerning the fast charging technology. Also, for many, this document comes to formalize the thing and allows to imagine that the future flagship of Google will be able to recharge much faster than the Pixel 5a-also with a battery of 5 000 mAh, but rechargeable at 18 W only

For now, some comforting news: To preserve the environment, Google is joining the likes of Samsung and Apple as it will not include a charger in the package for its next smartphones. To simplify, you will have to look for a 33 W charger if you don’t have one.

Among other rumours, it also appears that Google plans to launch a new wireless charging base with its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This one would offer a power of 23 W.

Much information will be given out in detail during its conference scheduled for the coming weeks. However, it is a  maybe since Google has not yet commented on its release date. But as we know, the manufacturer usually presents its new products in October, and There is a chance that October 28th would be the d-day according to John Presser.

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