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The Five Common Mistakes That Students Do While Writing Case Studies

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Case studies allow a student to conduct an in-depth investigation of a person, group, or community. The data used in a case study is gathered from different sources that include observations and interviews mostly. The information is related to the case and contains data from the past and the present. It is not a research method itself, but a report where the data collected through investigation goes.

Students often face difficulties writing these assignments because it requires the use of investigative skills and linking theory to a real-life event. There are only two ways to tackle this situation, one is to write by yourself, and the other is to let someone else write for you. Many online writing services provide custom case studies for everyone. The websites free you from the stress of assignments and complete them in your desired timeframe.

In this post, we will cover the five common mistakes that students make while writing. So, if you do not want to go with the paid option, you can always put some effort into your writing skills and avoid making the mistakes shared below.

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Not using complete resources for data collection

In a case study, the most crucial part is gathering more information on the matter. The case contains enough details on the problem that needs to be solved. But gathering data from various resources can clear the picture for you.

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To write a case study, you need to make sure the sources of information you are utilizing are enough? And are they credible? If not then you need to make a list of questions you need answers to and look for people directly connected with the business or the matter. You will also need to use your observations and link theories to practice.

Not using the right format! 

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Another mistake that most students make is not following the correct format. If you are going to write an assignment, no matter what kind as long as it is academic-related, it needs to follow a certain format. When you are assigned a case study or any academic writing task, they always inform you which format to use. If you do not follow their guidelines, then you can say goodbye to good grades. It is one of the most crucial aspects of writing any assignment, so be certain to follow the correct format.


Plagiarism is not tolerated in academic studies, and it needs to be cleared before submitting your assignment. Students mostly collect information from the internet and sometimes forget to rework it. They accidentally or intentionally place the exact same text in the paper hoping that the software will not find plagiarism.

This is where they are wrong! The information you gather from the internet should only be used to get an idea. The entire analysis should be in your words. However, there is a specific threshold described for plagiarism by various institutes. If the students cross it, they have to rework the assignments.

Not asking for help! 

Whenever you are working on a paper that requires extensive research and knowledge that you do not possess, you should take help from the people who do! Students hesitate in taking help from seniors or their lecturers because they want to complete it all on their own and impress them. The truth is that sometimes it is not possible, especially when you do not have your favorite topic.

It also happens a lot in case studies, but it actually is a good thing too. It allows lecturers to assess the mental capabilities of a student. The next time you feel like your assignment is not going anywhere. You can always ask for help.

Grammatical & punctuation errors

These are the most common types of errors that occur when you are writing a paper. Not to worry, this is not something you should be afraid of because writing requires focus, and these slipups are normal. The professionals fix these errors during the proofreading phase, and you should too! If you do not proofread your paper submitting it, you are making a big mistake.

There can be several inconsistencies, spelling errors, issues in sentence structure, wrong punctuation, etc. they will all be disregarded if you do not proofread. So, bring it in your habit whenever you write anything, re-read it to make sure everything is correct and in the correct format.

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