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iPad Pro to be unique: Apple takes a very different path

by Joseph Richard
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The next version of the iPad Pro might go through an extreme change, as per a new report from Kings& Queens of the Web. To bring the best out of it, Apple is taking a very different path that will affect the whole direction of the Tablet world.

Later on, however, this indisputable reality could change. Rather than many Android tablets, Apple’s iPads were vertically arranged in every case. As such, the webcam is situated in the more limited sidebar at the top, and the Apple logo is similarly just about as upright as on the iPhone and iPod touch, according to our person in the know “Dylandkt”.

“Future iPad Pro will have a horizontally placed camera and a horizontally placed Apple logo on the back. Apple will make landscape the standard for using iPad Pro. I can’t confirm if the next-generation model will have this feature, but it’s in the works.”

Source: Dylandk

It is an understandable turn of events because the screen presently shows itself in a horizontal position with the  Apple logo while booting up an iPad. It’s inevitable before Apple, at last, considers this with another hardware design. The primary question remains whether this will genuinely influence the iPad Pro later on or if the leftover Apple tablets will likewise be changed over eventually?

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