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How to Effectively Plan for Video Translation to Target Global Customers 

by James Musoba
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Video marketing is not something new as it has been around for many years. Unlike some years back, video marketing is now accessible to everyone, thanks to the global social media use and the increasing number of video-sharing sites. Compared to other forms of marketing, has been with us for many years, video marketing is considered one of the most effective and fastest ways to expand your business or even grow a brand. Video marketing is effective because videos can bring out and explain the message you want to convey very fast, are convenient and can reach a global audience. If you are looking to target and maintain global customers, video translation is something you can do for your marketing videos to ensure you don’t miss out on a large chunk of potential customers worldwide.

Localising video content

Localising a video does great magic to your video content since it creates the much-needed connection with the global target customers in the language they know and use every day. Also, having correct translations increases the chances of getting more engagements on the various platforms you use for video marketing. Below are some of the ways you can effectively plan for video translation to target global customers.

Always Have the Target Global Audience in Mind When Creating Content

Creating videos to accommodate different languages around the world should not only involve literal translation. It should have an approach that cuts across all the cultures of the different audiences around the world. When translating, try to eliminate cultural references by keeping in mind the metaphors, idioms, phrases, and comments on various topics that create controversy in different cultures. Also, you should avoid adding information that changes from region to region in the translations.

When localising a video to suit different global customers, you should not limit it to just word to word translation. Always try to engage the target audience and understand them. Always be open-minded, have a global perspective and keep it simple to ensure you get correct and understandable video translations.

Personalising the Message is Key

It is no secret that video marketing will be here for a long time, thanks to the various social media platforms that have come up in the past few years. With this, video translation has become an integral part of video marketing. Through translations, businesses and organisations reach a whole new level of untapped clients worldwide by providing them information using their most preferred languages.

Also, using various languages to bring out customised messages for different people worldwide increases engagements from target audiences.

Ensure You are Accurate With the Video Translation

The main goal of translating videos to different languages is to ensure the message and information are passed in the original video. If you don’t convey or bring out the real information as intended, the translation efforts will have failed, impacting your video marketing globally. Accuracy plays a big role in ensuring an organisation or business impacts the target customer base. If you are looking for accurate and impactful translation services for your videos, just visit for quality and reliable translations.

Use a Slow Speech Pace to Give People Time to Read the Subtitles

Not everybody has fast reading and comprehensive abilities. To cater for all, you need to ensure your videos have a slow speech pace. This ensures that the screen is not cluttered with text when you add the subtitles and translations to the video, and various audiences can read and comprehend the information passed at their own pace. Also, having a slow-paced speech will ensure you make accurate and effective translations, especially if you are translating a video to different languages.

A successful video translation comes with numerous advantages, including the ability to send a message to a global audience and increased consumer engagement. However, if you want your business to benefit fully from video translations, you must employ effective planning to ensure your translations stand out from the rest. And since you may not have time to do all the translations, you can hire a professional that understands various languages to help you with translation services and pass your translated videos and information in a way that all your global target consumers can understand.

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