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Oppo Enco Air(ET161) Earbuds Review: Very Irresistible Sound Quality

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I  must admit that this is my first time using an earbud from Oppo; therefore, I won’t look at various similarities with the previous Generations of the Earbuds from the manufacturer and the model we have in our test today. Still, hey, words on the streets look so much like the Airpods from Apple. So um, what does Oppo promises with its True wireless buds? Let us jump in straight away.


The right and left Buds are made up of a rod with extended ends attached to a short elliptical cannula with no silicone tips. The Misty white variant, which has a touch zone in the back of its straightened rod, is the one we tested. There is also a black version of the same model. The charging case model (ET162) has a curving, egg-like design that I think is highly classic. The case’s hinge is excellent, allowing it to endure a small amount of strain. Still, the best thing is that it’s small enough to put in your pocket.

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These earbuds are pretty comfortable. The points are not intrusive, and insertion into the ear is simple. The holding is generally excellent, and I had no trouble jogging with them because my ears were still in touch.

How to use your True Wireless buds?

The Oppo Enco Air(ET161) demonstrates what the company is capable of, at least in theory. Pressure on the rod can be used to perform a large number of functions as follows:

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  • Double tapping on both Earbuds: Next track of your music
  • Double tapping on both Earbuds: Answer or End calls
  • Tripple tapping on Both Earbuds: Initiates Voice assistant
  • Long Pressing: changing noise reduction modes

To achieve this, you will have to use the touch area on your earbuds(top bark of the elongated rod), which uses an optical sensor, much more like an ultrasonic sensor, to detect the speaker in the ear. There is also the Hey melody application that allows you to customize the functionalities based on your needs

If, for one reason or another, you can not connect pair your Enco air with your smartphone:

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  • Open the charging case with the earbuds inside
  • Make sure Bluetooth connection is active on your smartphone
  • The Earbuds will automatically enter pairing mode
  • If prompted to accept the pairing process, please do so


The manufacturer explored Bluetooth 5.2 in its chip to make this possible, which supports Bluetooth LE Audio. The original SBC doublet, a standardized and mandatory codec, and the AAC are our options for Bluetooth codecs. The range is also good, with the 5.2 version supporting a distance of up to 10 meters from your device, and I didn’t have any blackouts while streaming my Spotify playlist.

Noise cancellation

Oppo talks of a Deep Neural Network (DNN) based on a binaural audio algorithm that allows the buds to produce human-like sounds. For me, yes, I appreciate that the manufacturer did a pretty much job as you can feel its effect when playing in Bass or mid sound. However, when using the buds in Environments with blowing sounds outside, the sound will still overflow. The Oppo Enco air buds are much comfy in less noisy environments.


Everyone else is afraid to speak about this, but ill say anyway. Oppo claims that the charging box extends the battery life to 24 hours (about three additional recharges). In our tests, we could get up to 4 hours and 30 minutes of use, which isn’t particularly impressive.

Sound Quality

The titanium Composite Driver of 2mm partially supervises, or rather “regulates,” the Oppo Enco Air. There’s also a powerful bass booster with a distinct sound character. Nonetheless, the sound is adaptable enough to appeal to nearly everyone. The strength is present, as is the clarity, and there are no serious flaws to distract the listener.

Our Opinion

The Oppo Enco Air (ET161) is an excellent choice. Almost everything is under control, but a few key areas need to be improved.

What we love

  • Masterpiece sound with good active insulation
  • Very relaxing

 What we hate

  • Doesn’t conserve power for long
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