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How to create the life you want.

by Yvone Kendi
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Success isn’t a mistake.

Clock In:

It’s time to get back to work.

There are no silver bullets, and “get-rich-quick” schemes do not exist in the real world.

Immerse yourself in learning, have an action bias, and be willing to do what others will not.

If you do this, you won’t have to look for results; they’ll find you.

Begin at the top and work your way down:

What is the most efficient way to get from where you are to where you want to go?

Look for someone who is already there.

Learn from them, seek advice, and follow in their footsteps.

Make contact.

People are more willing to assist than you may believe.


The larger your goals, the longer they are likely to take to achieve.

Most people fail because they give up just as their plan is starting to work.

They never know how close they were until they stop.

Maintain consistency. Continue your journey.

Create your brand by:

We’re all selling something, and it’s usually ourselves.

Give before you receive.

Provide value, be distinct, and be consistent.

People will return for more once they know what to expect from you.

Repeatable results are the best advertisement in the world.

Persuade others:

To accomplish anything, you must be able to persuade others to join you on your journey.

Aristotle identified three crucial elements of persuasion:

•Credibility -Ethos

•Logos -Logic

•Pathos -Emotion


“Comparison is the thief of joy,” as the saying goes.

That is correct.

Stop worrying about how you compare to everyone else.

The distinction between those who have “made it” and those who haven’t frequently boiled down to two factors:

Put in the time and effort.


Make yourself at ease in your skin.

Be open and honest with the rest of the world about who you are and who you aren’t.

It is a losing game to try to be everything to everyone.

Narrow your focus:

You can do anything, but not everything.

I believe that most people are more capable than they give themselves credit for.

The issue is one of concentration.

Rather than doing a “OK” job on ten projects…

Let us change the world by excelling at 1.

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