Microsoft and Meta have teamed together to bring Teams and Workplaces together


Meta has announced a partnership with Microsoft focused on Teams together with the Workplace social network. The idea is to build bridges between the two platforms to help organizations co that are on good terms to communicate more effectively.

This integration is shown in two ways in practice. The first allows Teams users to access Workplace material through an application pinned to the Teams navigation bar and is life right now. The Microsoft and Meta teams will next provide the option to broadcast Teams sessions directly to Workplace groups in early 2022. Employees will be able to attend and react to meetings, view lives events, and capture recordings from the workplace due to this.

“Employees may access the most relevant information, whether they are in the office or on the field, by building a bridge between the community hub and the collaboration hub

Nick Williams, Flight Centre Travel Group’s Head of Digital Workplace

In summary, you’ve figured everything out, and the purpose is to provide a workspace that combines data from two previously partitioned contexts. It’s also worth noting that the workplace is already connected with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office 365 apps.

In terms of popularity, Workplace and Microsoft Teams aren’t exactly in the same league: the first has 7 million members, while the second has almost 145 million daily active users. The workplace is currently only available as a premium service, whereas Teams is available for free to most users. Finally, because Microsoft and Meta share similar ideals and goals for the metaverse, their partnership might pave the way for others in the sector.