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The Oppo Reno7 brilliant idea has generated a lot of interest

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Every year there must be at least one if not many features from a smartphone that must aspire each and every tech enthusiast. At the moment the Chinese manufacturer Oppo wants to employ large camera sensors in the Oppo Reno7(upcoming locally ) so as to provide images with better quality

The camera hump on the forthcoming Oppo Reno 7 is still visible. It appears huge at first, but the Chinese business merely converts it into a giant notification LED. This is not only beneficial to optics in general, but it is also quite practical.

There has never been a function like this before. If a notification LED is absent, the software is commonly used to transform the punch hole camera region into a notification LED. On the other hand, this method is far more elegant since it takes an existing disadvantage and turns it into a favorable feature.

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 The Reno 6 5G was just released in Kenya. So we’re a generation behind, but we’re already looking forward to the day when the Reno 7 with the notification LED in the camera hump makes its way to us. Hey see you there when that time comes here at TechMoran

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