Microsoft Renames Xbox Game Pass.


Microsoft has announced the renaming of its popular Xbox Game Pass product to “PC Game Pass.”

The changes to Xbox Game Pass were announced in a tweet by the company.

According to the tweet, changes have been made to its logo, which now includes “for PC” – which was previously on a small box on the left – and will now read as PC in the front.

Microsoft is diluting the Xbox brand and moving away from the Microsoft brand.

Microsoft appears to want the Xbox brand to be at the forefront of its online and streaming efforts. However, Xbox Network (formerly Xbox Live) and Xbox Game Streaming (xCloud) are hoping to keep the branding.

The new branding informs users that it will continue to be an Xbox and/or a Microsoft product. It remains to be seen how Microsoft intends to introduce ambiguity into the service.

According to the report, the Xbox Games Pass/PC Game Pass will continue to provide the same functionality as before. It means that users will be able to access Xbox games on PC on a subscription basis rather than purchasing the titles outright.

Bringing about change was not a big deal, but it was for the better.