Employees from Xiaomi prefer to use the iPhone

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We have already covered here at TechMoran how Xiaomi is a super-duper Brand in the country and globally. Have you ever wanted if the Manufacturer utilizes its smartphones or instead they are not in the same spirit?

Many businesses allow their employees to choose which smartphone they want to use, but this is not the case with Xiaomi. Some of its employees landed in trouble after discovering that some were likely using an iPhone. There were immediately accusations that the problems in MIUI were not detected because the developers preferred to use an iPhone.

95 % of Xiaomi developers use Xiaomi devices while the rest use an iPhone, at least to MIUI development team’s leader who has now spoken out. As a result, the accusations leveled against Xiaomi’s MIUI development team are entirely false. Even if some people use an iPhone for personal reasons, it has little effect on work for a long time.

Xiaomi smartphones had several issues that the company had to work hard to resolve in the past. A major update is planned for MIUI 13, with which not only will there be no more issues, but also new features will be introduced.

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