6 Apps That All NFL Fans Must Have


When it comes to American Football and passionate NFL fans, it is hard to feel satisfied only by watching games on your TV. Fans want to dive deeper into the sport and share their passion with other fellow enthusiasts, keep up with the latest news, and find different ways to interact with their favorite sport.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fuel your NFL passion, and with smartphones becoming more available, companies started focusing on developing apps around certain niches like NFL.

In today’s article, we will take a look at some of the best apps that will help you keep track of everything that’s going in the league and provide you important info like the the NFL’s Top 10 quarterbacks of all time.

So, check it out and find enough entertainment to keep you hyped when there are no NFL matches.


Of course, we start with the official NFL app that is available both for iOS and Android devices. This is a must-have app that provides fans with news, entertainment, and watch games (local and primetime). On top of that, the app provides extra content covering news and highlights footage that cannot be found anywhere else.

Additionally, the NFL app also has a Game Center that will keep you updated on minute-by-minute scoring, charts, and more.

NFL Game Pass

Here is an app that will broadcast all your favorite matches from the NFL league. NFL Game Pass allows you to watch live games on almost every device, and it provides coverage of the Super Bowls, as well as the pre-season.

Apart from its live-streaming features, the NFL Game Pass offers many extras including downloadable mini-games around the football niche, as well as stats that can help you make a wiser betting decision, archives, and news.

Madden NFL 22 Mobile

Nowadays, smartphones are very powerful which allows game developers to create games with lifelike graphics, and fun and engaging gameplay. If you are a true NFL fan then you must have played the Madden NFL game at least once.

Now, EA offers a mobile version of the game with impressive graphics, a bit fewer features and options than the original game, but still a fun way that will enable you to play with your favorite teams against other players online.


If you want to keep up with all the latest results from the NFL league, alongside scores, standings, schedules, and other valuable data, TheScore is just the right app for you. The best thing about this app is the uncluttered design, which is a rarity, especially for a score-like app.

On top of that, it offers in-depth data from previous matches that can help you analyze matches more easily. Having all the data available to you for free can change the way you see the sport, and possibly increase your winning chances if you like betting online.

NFL Trash Talk

This is the perfect app for venting your NFL frustrations or having a casual conversation with other people that share similar interests. You have two chatrooms, one is private and the other for supporters of your team.

It is a great app where you can learn some interesting news and rumors about the NFL and be alongside other NFL fans.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Sports is one of the most popular fantasies sports apps, and there is a good reason for that. This is an app that will provide you with the ability to form your league, join public leagues, and interact with the sport even more.

You can get player rankings, projections, and analyses by experts from ESPN like Matthew Berry.

The app goes beyond just football and gives fans the opportunity to predict the winners from big matchups, and the score depends on how many correct picks you can make in a row. Players can win cash prizes and it is another great app that will test your sports knowledge and interact with other NFL enthusiasts.