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Co-Creation Hub Launches the CcHUB Security Command Center.

Co-creation Hub on the 13th of December 2021, launched the security command centre.  CSCC will provide actionable intelligence, security awareness, and advising on the current threats targeting vulnerable individuals, civil society, media organizations, and at-risk groups across Africa, in accordance with CcHUB’s objective to delivering digital resilience capability to the African ecosystem.

With the advancement in innovations and increased dependence on technology comes the associated threats. According to statistics, more than 500 000 new malware strains are released every day around the world.

However, it has been discovered that Africans are constantly subjected to cyber-attacks. Understanding and combating threats to civil society organizations and at-risk groups is critical.

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Tracking cyber threats, providing contextual backdrops and identifying actors behind attacks, attracting attention to avoid further attacks, forecasting future threats and compromises by evaluating the contexts of past and recent assaults will all be part of the CSCC’s efforts. It will also assess the impact of these studies on African political, economic, and social activities.

The CcHUB Security Command Centre is made up of a team of incident responders, forensic analysts, malware analysts, reverse engineers, and cyber threat researchers who will provide actionable threat intelligence, security advice, and support to at-risk individuals, civil society, journalists, human rights defenders, and media organizations all over Africa.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
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