Nearly 60% of suitable smartphones would have iOS 15 loaded


iOS 15, released on September 20, is still loaded on all eligible Apple devices. More than half of those with iPhones where the operating system can be installed have already done so.iOS 15 had already been loaded on about 20% of all eligible devices in circulation worldwide after only ten days. Two months later, this figure has surpassed the majority, according to Mixpanel.

According to the most recent data, the current Android operating system is installed on about 60% of iPhones. This includes the new iPhone 13, including previous devices that benefit from a lengthier follow-up than the competitors.

A figure that is expected to rise in the coming weeks, especially with the release of an essentially new version, iOS 15.2, which is expected to offer a slew of new features, particularly in the area of personal data management.

On the contrary, IOS 14 now accounts for only 36% of the market, with even earlier versions accounting for only 5%.