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OPPO now has its own chip; The MariSilicon X

by Joseph Richard
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The snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is the new chip in town, but the one from Oppo is the latest one. This new chip from Oppo, the MariSilicon X from the Chinese manufacturer, has been developed with the idea of “image and video processing” in mind.

The MariSilicon X, although being engraved in 6 nm, yet boasts a significant computational capability. The chip will use a memory subsystem dubbed Tera bps to lighten the RAM during data transmission and copying processes.

At the time of publishing this article, Oppo has disclosed a few details on the internals of their SoC. The processor boasts a dynamic range of up to 20 bits in photography and the option of recording in 20-bit HDR in RAW format for the video catalog

In the video:Oppo Inno day 2021

According to OPPO, videos recorded at night will benefit from new digital grain reduction algorithms, resulting in visuals that are as clear as snapshot shots. After dark, Android users will shoot in 4K HDR, a first for the platform.

The MariSilicon X’s initial benchmarks will likely be eagerly anticipated. The first quarter of 2022, the first smartphones using OPPO’s home chip will be available.

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