The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE’s release date is now inevitable

A launch date set on January ,2022


The debut date of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE appears to be approaching quickly, based on its pricing and features. We have a date with a leak. Precisely after its prices was made known to us yesterday

Following a long sequence of leaks about the device’s appearance and features, it is pretty clear that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE would be a no-nonsense smartphone come the following year. Of course, its production has been a scratch in the neck of the South Korean supplier. On the other hand, all things are set for its launch soon.

The smartphone is already seen at select Samsung stores. Its launch might be on January 11th, as per the rendition seen on the web. Looking closely at the smartphone’s lock screen, the mentioned date can be vividly seen, which is also assumed to be Samsung’s intended release date of the Galaxy S21 FE in the US

If this is the case, see you at the launch event come January 11th