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Samsung introduces HDR10+ GAMING, a new standard for gaming

by Joseph Richard
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The South Korean manufacturer is expected to debut its  HDR10+ GAMING before the year ends. Most of the computer and television screens presented in the following year are expected to use this new standard.

The manufacturer intends to make things a little easier come 2022 with the HDR10+ GAMING. With automated calibration, the aim is to optimize the brightness. With the Q70 and higher TV series, as well as the Odyssey gaming monitors, Samsung will undoubtedly launch a new Neo QLED line that the HDR10+ GAMING standard will support

This standard’s projected performance and technical requirements are yet unknown in technical terms, but at CES 2022, we’ll have all of the answers. Samsung has not indicated any gaming console compatibility, on the other hand.

For the debut of this new standard, Nvidia is the sole partner it has. The graphics cards from the RTX 30, RTX 20, and GTX 16 series will all work together. In any case, the manufacturer is pushing its HDR10+ standard, which competes with Dolby Vision.

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