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Best free video Applications for Android smartphones in 2022

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 Every day various smartphones are constantly released to different Global markets. There are many reasons why one would want to purchase a new smartphone. If you happen to have a new smartphone and are stuck at which application you should install on your smartphone. We have something for you here.

On the other hand, if the built-in media player on your new phone is not that appealing, you can opt-in for the various apps that we have also prepared for you in this guide because we know that it’s not simple to get your hands on an ergonomic, high-performance, flexible and an adaptable player. You will also learn that you can easily interact with this application on your smartphone without spending a single cent.

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KMPlayer is a must-have for anybody who wants to watch videos saved on their smartphone’s internal memory, on a local network, or the cloud. The program is regularly updated and supports the majority of the most recent formats and codecs and movies up to UHD 4K and 8K resolutions. The customization and playback options are adequate. The prominent blemishes while using the app are a lack of formal documentation and shaky cast support.

Nova Video Player

Nova Player is notable for its user interface and automated video categorization by categories, genres, and years. It appeals to vintage DVD collectors because it downloads extra information from the IMDb and TMDB databases. It can play any format and codec thanks to FFmpeg support.

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MX Player

MX Player performs essentially everything KMPlayer does, plus it advertises and configures servers on the local network manually. However, it is known for its near-flawless handling of all video and audio formats, referring to official instructions in the event of missing codecs. The software has a lot of functions and playback settings, so it’ll provide you with a good multimedia experience. However, despite the built-in decoders, it will be essential to bridge the cast for UHD videos.


VLC tends to improve on Android, thanks to a community used to the perfection of its desktop version. Since then, its interface has been enhanced in ergonomics, and instabilities have become more unusual. On the other hand, we can’t say enough positive things about its excellent support for video and audio codecs and formats, as well as its ability to play damaged files. VLC provides excellent cast support, and you would regret miserably if you ignore VLC for any other app

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The cliché the habit does not make the monk rings true with MPV-android. Despite its uninspiring layout, the app shines with its quickness and flawless handling of locally stored media (libmpv, ffmpeg, Vulkan, OpenGL and Direct3D 11 databases). The player’s extensive capabilities, such as real-time performance during playing, make it an ideal tool for any consumer.


XPlayer is unsurprisingly high on the list of Android video players. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility for all of the most popular formats and codecs enable it to cater to the diverse demands of a broad range of users. The player has a similar interface to MX Player, but it is less crowded, and it lacks neither critical functionality nor clarity. However, we are disappointed by the inability to store playback preferences from one film to the next and the sometimes obnoxious presence of adverts, but hey, try it out.

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