Netflix is introducing short comedy clips to your television.


Netflix is testing a new feature called Fast Laughs on TVs, which includes a slew of short, funny videos that you can access through your Netflix account. It’s similar to TikTok, but without user-generated content.

Fast Laughs is a Netflix feature that allows you to sift through a large number of curated videos that are 30 seconds or longer. The arrival of the feature on TVs was first reported by The Verge. It was previously only available on smartphones, but Netflix is now making it available on its TV apps as well.

The clips are from Netflix shows and movies and are intended to introduce you to new content that you may not have seen before. You might come across a funny scene from a show in Fast Laughs and realize that it contains the type of humor you enjoy.

If you can access the opt-in feature, which is currently in testing with a small number of users, scroll down to the bottom of the Netflix homepage on your TV until you see the Fast Laughs section. It is not personalized in the same way that the rest of your Netflix homepage is. Instead, Netflix’s staff curates the content.

It’s unclear when or if this feature will be available to all Netflix subscribers. It will most likely come down to how many users enjoy it during the test.