Google: Face Recognition feature to appear soon on Pixel 6 Pro smartphones

Google: Face Recognition feature to appear soon on its Pixel 6 Pro smartphones

Facial Recognition feature first seen in the Pixel 4 series of smartphones could make a comeback with the Pixel 6 Pro series. Google was serious about this feature back then in 2019 only to abandon it later due to several security concerns.

The Fingerprint reader feature survived to date. At the writing of this article, there are already some hints which suggest what the Mountain View firm could be working on behind its closed doors.

Already several social media users have already commented on this. On the Reddit application, a certain user[Source:9to5Google] confirmed that his Pixel 6 Pro asked him to set a backup method for unlocking his phone. The face recognition option appeared besides other normal options that we are used to for example fingerprint reader, PIN code, etc.

However, the individual in question was unable to test anything and was unable to make the option appear in the settings subsequently. Face recognition was mentioned in a stable version of Android, not in the betas where Google is testing future features.

Face recognition has been buried in security-related source code since 2021 but it had just recently appeared, according to Google. The funny thing is that you can not locate this option as the Reddit user claims.

Who knows if Google is serious about bringing this novelty back in its future smartphones? For now, all we can do is to wait and see how things roll out as it is quite early to start predicting things.