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Safaricom finally offers an option for users to self-update SIM details

Safaricom subscribers can now fill in their SIM registration details online. The telco provided the option a few hours to the April 14th deadline before the communication Authority made fresh announcements for the extension of the exercise to October 15th.

For so many days, Safaricom customers have been queueing at the Telco offices across the country to get the services as customers scramble to beat the deadline. The new portal will allow customers to fill in their details without the necessity of visiting the shops.

The update comes after Kenyans took their frustrations online who called out the company to follow in the footsteps of Telkom who had rolled out the online Sim Card registration like rival Telcos, Airtel and Telkom .

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You definitely need a smartphone to update your sim details in a much more simplified process. Youll need your ID photos which you’ll upload on the system.

Here’s a simplified procedure to do it

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  1. Click on the link here
  2. Enter your phone number (You’ll receive a on-time pass code via SMS
  3. Upload your ID both front and Back
  4. Submit your details
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