Egyptian e-commerce startup Kemitt launches B2B platform.


Kemitt launches a B2B marketplace for furniture, home accessories, and materials ranging from living room sets to bedroom sets, and from dining room tables to office desks, and even raw materials for furniture manufacturing. The new platform will give access to thousands of pieces of furniture from hundreds of suppliers.  

Customers can access over 30,000 SKUs through Kemitt’s B2C platform, which offers on-demand manufacturing and 7-12 day delivery to their door.

Kemitt eliminates the need for clients to visit showrooms and furniture stores by fully digitizing the buying experience and utilizing the most cutting-edge technology available, as well as providing all payment and financing options.

“We are pleased to be able to announce the launch of our new b2b platform. This will be a real game changer in the  furniture industry and I am sure you will all agree that we are genuinely excited about  the way it is going to bring together manufacturers, suppliers, businesses, micro financing leaders, and all the industry stakeholders in one place. This is an important  step in the evolution of our business and we hope you will join us on this journey,” Mahmoud Fouad, Kemitt’s CEO and Co-Founder, said.

Kemitt was founded in 2017 by Mahmoud Fouad and is a marketplace that connects product and furniture designers with consumers. Their new business-to-business platform is a part of Kemitt’s mission to digitize the furniture industry by introducing an innovative solution that manages the entire furniture supply chain from design to delivery.

“This new platform is a part of Kemitt’s vision of building the one-stop tech solution for furniture industry, where  manufacturers and distributors to place large orders that will allow it to deliver  solutions for retailers and distributors alike,” Mohamed Hedayat, Kemitt’s Managing Director and Co-founder stated.