Zoom Usage Is Expected To Plummet As Workplaces Gradually Return To Pre-Covid Configurations


Zoom usage is expected to plummet as workplaces gradually return to pre-covid configurations.

Since the Covid limitations were relaxed, Zoom has seen a significant decline in the use of its video conferencing software throughout the world. Millions of people have returned to the offices, causing Zoom’s stock to fall by nearly 80% in value compared to what it had in 2020.

Due to the epidemic, firms were functioning from home for the previous two years, and the Zoom app became the key source of connectivity for people and businesses all over the world for easy online meetings. Despite the fact that remote learning, business, medical, and other industries boosted Zoom Video’s cloud-based services. However, the platform’s growth has slowed significantly as a result of the launching of in-person gatherings, schools, institutions, and numerous organizations.

Zoom is now having a transition year in 2022.

Concerned about its poor user growth, the firm has introduced the newest Zoom platform advancements to assist organizations in improving customer and employee experiences for the emerging ‘work anywhere’ workforce.

‘Zoom IQ for Sales,’ for example, is a conversation intelligence solution for sales professionals, and new Zoom Events and Webinar functionalities like backstage and Webinar session branding aim to put engagement at the centre of the experience and transform the way we work, connect, and collaborate.