How To Keep Your Status Hidden From Particular Contacts


Users may choose whether or not to show their WhatsApp Status updates to certain contacts.

Users may select what information they share with others on the platform using the app’s many privacy settings. On WhatsApp, for example, users may hide their ‘Last Seen’ status. Similarly, access to the profile image and about area can be restricted. Users can block a contact on WhatsApp if they do not want to engage in a chat with them.

The Meta-owned instant messaging network is also said to be working on enhanced ‘Last Seen’ status privacy controls, which would let users hide their activities from specified platform contacts. Aside from that, the app just debuted its long-awaited Communities feature, which allows many groups to collaborate. WhatsApp has now announced its 2GB big file-sharing usage restriction, in addition to Communities. If all goes according to plan, all of these capabilities will be available to normal customers in the next months.

Like Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status allows users to publish a photo, video, or even a GIF that will disappear after 24 hours. When both the user who published the status and the person who is watching it is in each other’s contact list, the user’s Status becomes visible. The software ensures that whatever material a person provides as their Status is only shared with those they know. In some cases, though, users may want to conceal their WhatsApp Status updates from select contacts on their devices.

Change Status Privacy To Hide Updates

Users must alter their privacy settings in order to change the audience of their WhatsApp Status. Users should first go to the Status tab on the home screen. Users can do so by sliding the screen to the left (Android) or by clicking on Status in the bottom left corner of the display (iOS).

Android users must then pick ‘Status Privacy’ from the three-dot menu at the top of the screen. The ‘Privacy’ option is available in the upper left corner for iPhone users. Users will see three options once they enter the menu: ‘My Contacts,’ ‘My Contacts Except,’ and ‘Only Share With.’ Choosing ‘My Contacts’ will send a status update to all of the user’s stored contacts.

Select ‘My Contacts Except’ and mark the contacts in the option that displays if users want to conceal their WhatsApp Status updates from specified contacts. ‘Only Share With,’ the third and final option, only distributes a Status update with certain contacts. Users may pick contacts from a menu by tapping on the option. This option is particularly useful if users simply want to share an update with a handful of their contacts. It is now critical to remember that before sharing a status, they must modify the privacy settings. WhatsApp automatically sends status updates to all of your connections.