How to save money on your Netflix subscription.


Netflix provides an abundance of episodes, movies, and mini-series. The only issue with Netflix is that its subscription is more expensive than that of other apps. You can select the best Netflix package for you, but you must pay for it.

Here are some unique ways to get a Netflix subscription at a discounted price:

  •  Group Purchase of a Netflix Subscription

This is one of the simplest and most widely utilized methods for lowering the cost of your Netflix subscription. Group buy a Netflix subscription and enjoy it with your friends and family. People all over the world utilize this strategy to make the most of their accounts.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently admitted that there are more users than accounts on the service. The Company clearly does not endorse using someone else’s Netflix password and has even stated that they are testing methods to prevent this activity.

  • Purchase Gift Cards

In the beginning, Netflix sold gift cards in local retail stores that could be used to earn discounts on Netflix subscriptions. Such cards are now difficult to locate at the same price as they were previously, but they can still be obtained via stores such as PayTM and Amazon.

Netflix gift cards are only available in a few countries, but they may be redeemed everywhere as long as your bills are paid in the same currency as the card.

  • Utilize Coupon/Cashback Codes

As part of promotional offerings, certain businesses will email you Netflix promo codes. Netflix provides promotional vouchers to companies who assist them with their projects, such as the VFX team or the marketing team. As a result, these discount codes can be used when purchasing a Netflix account on the Netflix website.

  • Select a bundled plan from your cellular service provider.

Many cellular service providers, like Airtel, Jio, Idea, and others, include Netflix subscriptions as part of their recharge plans, which you may use to save money. However, some bundled plans have limitations such as a single screen.

The availability of such plans varies by country and is limited to the cellular service providers in that region.

  • Using VPN

Netflix can be less expensive if you can obtain a package that is valid in different countries. All you need is a high-quality VPN service. Choose from the BEST VPN list to get the best VPN for you.

If you use a free VPN, Netflix’s algorithm may detect it and prevent you from streaming anything. So, select a paid VPN and change your location to a country that offers low-cost subscriptions. Purchase your Netflix subscription from that country and save money.

Netflix does not provide a student discount. With the purchase of a new Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix Bundle, you receive 6 months of Netflix free. Use the Google Home app to redeem it. At the moment, there are no current free trial offers on Netflix.