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Netflix is exploring Live streaming for unscripted series and stand up specials

by Val Lukhanyu
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Netflix is reportedly exploring launching live stream unscripted shows and stand up specials. Netflix will use the live stream for live voting competition series and talent contests such as its upcoming dance completion series “Dance 100 ” from the circle producer Studio lambert according to the deadline source.

The company is yet to disclose the timelines of the live stream launch and is likely still in the preliminary stage. However, the move opens up the potential to order a whole new raft of unscripted series to use the technology, bringing it into line with its linear networks, which often air live specials for big competition series such as ABC’s American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, which is moving to Disney+.

The company has already experimented with different release patterns for its unscripted series and social experiments such as The Circle and Love Is Blind and the move would add further intrigue to such shows

Netflix would also use the platform for live reunions or bring back Netflix as A joke Festival which has previously brought together over 300 stand up performances across LA.

This also gives the company the opportunity to reevaluate its revenue streams as it cracks down on password sharing which has stagnated its growth potential. Also, In Q1 2022, Netflix lost 200,000 global paid subscribers which sunk its stock by roughly 25 per cent and this might just be the best recovery strategy for the company.

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