According To Google, Android 13 Beta Will Enable Braille Displays


According to Google, Android 13 Beta will enable Braille displays.

Android 13 Beta will have native support for braille displays, with the goal of making the platform more accessible to braille readers. Google made the announcement about the upgrade. The latest update will make it easier and more efficient for braille readers to utilize Android.

In a blogpost of Google, they stated: “Available in our next Android 13 Beta in a few weeks, we are beginning to build out-of-the-box support for braille displays in Talkback, our screen reader within Android.”

It further added: “A refreshable braille display is an electro-mechanical device that creates braille patterns by raising rounded pins through holes in a flat surface. Braille-literate computer users use the braille display to touch-read braille dots representing text.”

Users will be able to type out braille as well with the braille display.

These technologies will allow deafblind individuals to use mobile phones, and blind people to use their phones in a silent manner. People may link their Android smartphones to braille displays via the BrailleBack software, which requires a separate download from the Play Store, or by utilizing a virtual keyboard within Talkback instead of a physical device, according to Google.

Most braille displays may now be used without any further downloads thanks to this latest version.

Many of the capabilities offered with Talkback may be accessed via braille displays. They can, for example, utilize display buttons to traverse their screen and then perform tasks such as making a phone call, writing an email, sending a text message, or reading books.

Users may join the Android beta program to get a sneak peek of Talkback 13 in the upcoming beta version.