Instagram Is Working On A New Stories Layout That Would Conceal Shared Stories That Are Too Long

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Instagram, a photo-sharing network owned by Meta, has been experimenting with a new style for its Stories.

The new Story style will conceal the account holder’s excessively shared posts.

According to 9To5Mac, a Brazilian Instagram user named Phil Ricelle noticed that the photo-sharing network only displays three other people’s posted Stories. Instagram now allows users to share up to 100 Stories at once. Despite the fact that the new update allows followers of the recognized account to see just three tales in the display, the number of stories that may be shared on the platform remains constant.

The only significant difference is that users who have the new updated feature will have the option of tapping a “Show All” button to see articles beyond the three that are now shown. If the user does not select ‘Show all,’ Instagram will go on to the next user’s Stories.

According to the article, this new feature will modify how Instagram Stories has worked in the past.

Some individuals prefer to tap the screen to see a series of tales posted by a single person, but with the upcoming update, this will no longer be available. For the platform’s founders, this new modification means that subsequent postings after the third Story will likely receive fewer views than the first three.

When it comes to the benefits of the new function, the user will save time by being able to easily access other users’ Instagram profiles to check out their Stories if they are not interested in seeing the material.

According to reports, the new function has not yet been sent out to large user groups; thus, Instagram is reportedly testing the new updated feature before releasing it to the general public.