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How to Sign up for Safaricom Postpay in 2022

by Yvone Kendi
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Safaricom’s PostPay tariff allows you to use it now and pay later. It allows its users to select a preferred bundle that allows them to make calls, use the internet, and send texts while paying for it later.

The cheapest bundle is Ksh. 1050, and the most expensive is Ksh. 10,430. This service is available to all current pre-paid customers, except corporate lines.

The following is the most recent procedure for signing up for and paying for the Safaricom postpay bundle.

  • Select the monthly bundles option by dialing *544#.
  • Select the ‘join postpay’ option under the monthly bundle.’
  • Select the mode in which you want to join the tariff. There are two options: ‘join using web’ or ‘continue joining using the USSD code’.
  • If you choose ‘using the web,’ Safaricom will send you a message with a link to use via the web.
  • You can, however, continue the sign-up process by selecting USSD.
  • Choose your subscription amount, which ranges from Ksh. 1050 to Ksh.10,430.
  • According to the Safaricom website, different bundle amounts provide different services.
  • The following step is to enter your email address and confirm the activation.
  • When you accept this activation, the selected amount is automatically deducted from your Mpesa balance.

Safaricom will then send you a message confirming that your activation and sign-up are complete. Mpesa will also send you a message confirming the deduction.

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