The Pixel 6a is the next device to go on sale ahead of the Pixel 7


There would undoubtedly be a remarkable study to write about Google’s communication management, which is quite relative. Meanwhile, even if it hasn’t been published yet, we can already afford a Pixel 6a.

At the moment t what is making rounds on various social media platforms is the Pixel 6a, which will be released on July 21 and is currently available in Malaysia. A user in Malaysia had listed a Google Pixel 6a smartphone for sale on the Facebook marketplace.

The asking price is about 2300 Malaysian ringgit or under € 500. Surprisingly, this same vendor does not have just one unit of Google’s next mid-range tablet. Several adverts from the same profile have been discovered in the region.

According to our Source, the individual who would have relished the newly obtained Pixel 6a stocks would be a person working for a Malaysian dealer. This same guy, clearly unconcerned about being detected, would have even posted an unboxing of the item on his TikTok account.

Of course, buying a phone of an unknown origin is not a good idea. However, if you can’t wait to replace your cellphone, check out our list of the best smartphones under 500 €.