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Podcasting studio SemaBox launches initiative targeting women and non-gendered people

by Val Lukhanyu
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SemaBox, Kenya’s podcasting studio and first specialist podcasting studio, has announced the launch of the second edition of the Dada podcast incubator programme which targets women and non-gendered people.

The first-ever cohort of the Dada Podcast Incubator was implemented last year in collaboration with Baraza Media Lab and featured 8 extraordinary podcast projects majorly from Kenya. This year, the firm has expanded and will be implementing the incubator programme in three countries including Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. The theme for this year’s incubation programme is “A story only you can tell”.

The key drive is to encompass diversity and representation, in order to bring in different ideas and perspectives for better problem-solving and to open dialogues that promote creativity in a blend of cultures.

SemaBox Production Manager Doris Onyango, as reported by KBC, said the goal of the incubation programme is to discover, develop and platform women and non-binary people from Africa whose stories and storytelling ideas can resonate globally.

“With the wave of everybody trying to find a space on the digital airwaves, there is a lot of inauthenticity which we the audience can tell when a story is not originally ours, especially women in the global south. People try to speak about us, and tell our story like we have no agency and no voice. This is quite surprising because the most prolific storytellers are African women. That is why the Dada Podcasting Incubator is important,” said Onyango.

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