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YouTube adds “Corrections” a feature to let creators fix their recordings more easily


Instead of having to delete and re-upload a whole video, YouTube now lets you edit parts o your video that needs correction. The feature dubbed Corrections will let creators easily add more obvious corrections to their already uploaded content.

Initially, if you’d mess up on your YouTube video, the only option you had was to delete the video and re-upload the edited version. Which meant, you part ways with the views and engagements you’ve achieved on the uploads. YouTube would let you add a note on your description or pin a comment on it but that want enough to cover the damage.

The Verge publication has shared a glimpse of what we expect with the feature.

Photo credits: The verge

With the new addition, after a video is uploaded, creators can add corrections to their videos. Corrections will appear on info cards in the top right-hand corner of the video where viewers can click the card to expand and read the new changes.

To edit a video, you will sign in to YouTube studio, select the content you need to edit, make corrections and save the changes.