Tiktok to rollout content filters and maturity ratings to make the platform safer


TikTok is developing “content levels” a new system that will restrict certain types of content from being viewed by teen users. With the feature, users will be able to filter videos with certain words or hashtags from showing up in their feeds.

The feature which is launching in the next few days will give users more control over their TikTok experience while also making the app safer for users between the ages of 13 and 17.

While adult content is banned on the app, TikTok says some content in the app may contain mature or complex themes that may reflect personal experiences or real-world events that are intended for older audiences. Content levels will classify such content and assign it to a maturity score that will keep it from away from being seen by young users.

TikTok has been facing increased scrutiny from regulators, lawmakers and even members of the public who are seeking justice for social harm.

Techcrunch says, a group of parents recently sued the app for their children dying after attempting dangerous challenges they allegedly saw on TikTok and much more reports around safety.

Content levels aim to put moderation control into the hands of users and content creators by providing a means of classifying content on the app similar to how movies and video games feature age ratings for different groups

In addition to content levels, TikTok will also be introducing hashtag filters that provide users with a new level of what appears in the feed. For instance, if you are going vegan, TikTok will restrict dairy products and meat recipes from appearing on your feed.